“Learning to Bless the Lord at All Times”

“Learning to Bless the Lord at All Times”

“Learning to Bless the Lord at All Times”

Psalm 103


Psalm 103 is a psalm of praise to God.  Our God is above all human gods; our God saves us with grace and love.

Vs. 1-2

The psalm begins with a command.  The psalmist commands his soul to praise the Lord.  The psalmist is determined to open his heart to the God who creates and redeems.

Vs. 3-5

Now the psalmist tells all that God has done:

  1. God forgives our sin and iniquity.
  2. God heals our diseases.
  3. God redeems our lives from the Pit.
  4. God crowns us with love and mercy.
  5. God satisfies us with good as long as we live so that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s.


Vs. 6-14

The psalmist goes into more detail about all that God has done for us:


  1. The Lord works vindication and justice for the oppressed.
  2. The Lord has made his ways known to the people of Israel through the prophet Moses.
  3. The Lord is merciful and gracious, abounding in love.
  4. The Lord is gracious, yet is not to be taken for granted.
  5. The Lord forgives our sins no matter what they are when we come to Him.
  6. The Lord treats us as His children.
  7. The Lord remembers that we have been made from the dust of the ground.

Vs. 15-18

The psalmist remembers who he is; the psalmist remembers who we all are.  We are mortal and will one day pass away.

BUT, God’s steadfast love is from everlasting to everlasting to those who keep His covenant and remember to keep His commandments.

Vs. 19-22

The Lord is over all that is and ever will be.

God’s throne is not on earth; God’s throne is in heaven.  All created things are subject to God.

Everyone is to bless God: Angels, mighty ones, all God’s creation, ministers, everything in all creation.